SUI - A Journey in Self-realization


A collaborative work produced by visionally photographer Timothy Saccenti and 3D illustrator Sam Rolfes and heavily inspired by model/actor Sui Nakashima. 

A journey in Self-Realization explores identity formation and transformation through a series of computer generated manipulations. 


The SUI project is part of a continuing series of artworks created via collaboration between visual artists Timothy Saccenti and Sam Rolfes. It is an exploration into the multifaceted current state of the "I", one in which our current generation feels constantly splintered, using technology that is a thoroughly modern extension of the artist's vision. The individual Self has become digifrenetic, mutating into a cybernetic/post human construct. The availability of perceivably all information of recorded and current history places the identity in a non-stasis. 


This current reality requires a new approach to portraiture, a new rendering; with the boundaries between flesh and machine constantly blurring. In their process of reflecting and adapting to this reality they respond with a performance based approach via their dynamic tool set. The interaction echoes the spirit that merges identity with machine in a never ceasing river of turbulent data. The end result is a frenetic series of theatrical figure rumination of a different roles. The consciousness flowing like water into whatever dispersed volume contains it; one moment coalesced into a lithe stalking nightlife denizen, the next a luminal cloud of pigment spray. 


The highly reflective polychrome box holds a vellum sheet that carefully encases the body of work that range from: 594x841mm to 150x110mm postcard size. While also containing the necessary text to introduce the project. 

The SUI project is released by CMYK Books in Seoul, Korea in a limited edition of 300. 

Published August, 2016

Authors Timothy Saccenti, Sam Rolfes


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