+81 Magazine

Vol.70 Brand Architecture issue


+81 Vol.67 Global Creative Strategy is followed by this issue entitled Brand Architecture. This time around we have chosen to focus on the methods of strategic brand building developed by companies and brands that have successfully expanded their business across the globe. This issue features world-renowned innovative companies/brands and their remarkable concepts, building methods, strategies, and creations. 


The issue kicks off with multifaceted interviews with seven distinctive brands that have proven popular worldwide for their clearly one-of-a-kind branding. The founders, CEOs, creative directors, and VIPs of the brands, such as John C Jay from UNIQLO and Adrian Joffe from DOVER STREET MARKET, each talked about their “branding” in detail from the various aspects. It is followed up by a selection of the methods of strategic brand building developed by two fast growing enterprises Smiles: and TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE that both operate unique stores in Japan. Though other growing/start-up companies are even bigger than them, yet Toyama from Smiles: and Nakamura from TRANSIT GENERAL OFFICE have the huge influence on the culture in Tokyo. In the third section, we pick up on 8 creative/branding agencies that provide the best design solutions for the clients to strengthen the branding identities, and introduce them along with their representative works.



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