+81 Magazine

Vol.69 Street Creative Culture issue


This is the first issue of +81 to be entirely devoted to creations born of the unique cultures and scenes of the street. We’ve gathered a lineup of incomparable figures who have been massive influences on the scene all the way from 80s and 90s up today for an issue that captures the now of the always fresh creative culture emerging from the streets.


The issue kicks off with interviews with two iconic artists in street and skateboard culture; WK Interact, who portrays people in motion that is full of a creative dynamism; and James Jarvis, who produced graphics for HOLMES, which is an in-house brand of the famous skateboarding shop Slam City Skates in UK, SILAS & MARIA and AMOS, and is currently active as an artist. It is followed up by a selection of outdoor art by 10 world-renowned creators. We hope that you enjoy their unique striking artworks. In the third section we pick-up on three major fashion brands that were born on the streets in NY, L.A. and London along with founders’ background. We also put in extra effort to the binding, paper selection, and production to give the issue a texture and vibe like a wall on the street, so it has an extra special look and feel. 


The cover features WK Interact’s representative work 9/11 along with its special texture.


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