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Vol.51 Inspirational Typography issue


In our first typography special in two years, we cover a broad array of typographic creations spanning everything from ultra-experimental digital work to lettering and calligraphy made with traditional techniques as well as highly original designs be they 3D, 2D, or video. Presented alongside the thoughts of their creators about their philosophy or the reason they love words so much, this selection provides an unbroken view of some of the trends in typography as it becomes increasingly diverse in terms of presentation.


The issue kicks off with interviews with the fresh 5-member creative team Attack that formed within Wieden+Kennedy NY, H5, who recently won an Academy Award for their video piece Logorama that used logos from various businesses, as well as Niels Shoe Meulman, the creator of Calligraffiti, a fusion of calligraphy and graffiti. With all three being from completely different fields, it’s truly interesting to see how they interpret typography. Following this is a special feature with 20 designers from 9 countries who challenge typographic concepts with amazing expressive ability and techniques. Aside from introductions of their highly diverse creations, you will also find considerations of the vitality, appeal, and effects that designing text can bring.


The cover art for this issue features hand-drawn typography by Craig Ward of Words are Pictures



Attack, H5, Niels Shoe Meulman


Dynamism in typography

Yulia Brodskaya, Sean Freeman, Alida Rosie Sayer, 

Huda Abdul Aziz, Sebastian Lester, Hansje van Halem, 

Hans Gremmen, Visiotypen, 44flavours, Karina Petersen, 

Notter + Vigne, R2, Áron Jancsó, Keetra Dean Dixon, 

Miriam Magdalena Rockel, Mogollon, Words are Pictures, 

Mario Hugo, Working Format, Marian Bantjes

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