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Vol.54 The Grand Designers issue


From the flowing Bauhaus in Germany, Swiss style composed Helvetica, and its functionality and enriching color represent the Netherlands. These 3 countries are the leading countries in Europe, which built the platform for the design scene. Featuring 6 artists that are the masters of designers - the Grand Designers Issue.


A society without apple computers and an access to Internet; Artists started their career when their countries and cultures reflected strongly upon the idea of nationalism. The way they were able to create such masterpieces with its established design concept they have in mind, questioning their value of design arise. Moreover, from examining the turning point to their future prospect in mind, artists reflect the transition. An extensive interview is carried out. Introducing the monumental works to the newly dated works, it will be a magnificent portfolio that is said to be one the special edition.


In the end of the volume, Tokyo Graphic Passport 2011 that was exhibited from October 28th to the 31st by +81, 9 creators from the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Sweden and Japan will focus on their exhibition. Along with the masterpieces, their thought on design history in their nation and how their creation plays a relation to its perspective in design is spoken.


Creators’ Interviews

Gunter Rambow, Uwe Loesch, Rosmarie Tissi, 

Melchior Imboden, Niklaus Troxler, Faydherbe/De Vringer

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