+81 Magazine

Vol.61 Typography Ideas issue


In the realm of Graphic design, all media like editorial, web, film, architecture, and space design- this all links to design element, Typography. From various angles and perspective, in this issue, we have made a digest in 5 different parts. This is all about Typography.


In this first feature, we introduce typographers who purely dedicate their works as typography designers, and followed by this, we feature hand-written typographer that specializes in illustrative elements. In the third feature, we selected 10 typography books that is directed or produced by designers. We then found designers, who produce typography products. Lastly, through internet, those profound designers who has noted themselves for engineering original fonts and selling font foundry will be featured. Typography in a various form and design is binded in this one magazine.


The cover is by Michael Paul Young’ s font foundry, YouWorkForThem’ s font called YWFT Riet and YWFT Swell.




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