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Vol.63 Book Design issue


In this issue we introduce the book-related part of the creative world, from creators producing art books, photo books and magazines, to independent publishers, picture books with attractive visuals and unique bookstores.


For the opening feature, we interviewed eight groups of book creators with distinctive portfolios, including big names in the graphic design world such as Neville Brody and Jonathan Barnbrook. We asked not only about editorial design, but also on taking a comprehensive approach to book making, which includes design outline, production process, underlying ideas, choice of paper, printing method, and specifications such as cover design and binding. In the second feature, we take a look at independent publishers run by “book artisans,” who have won the trust of world-famous artists for the high quality of their creative work and mainly publish such artists’ collections of works. The third feature introduces 12 bookstores around the world that are an indispensable part of the local creative community, and the fourth feature presents a collection of impressive picture books with attractive visual material. The entire issue offers a chance to enjoy books made in a variety of styles.


The cover artwork is by Neville Brody. Using the +81 logo as a motif, it represents the elements of book design in a minimalist visual form.



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