+81 Magazine

Vol.65 Craft and Technology issue


The art and design world has seen an expansion of technology-fueled expression including interactive art, generative art and image projection in recent years. On the other hand, there are many creators who pursue handwork to create works with a human touch. This issue aims to explore the overall trend within the creative industry by looking at these two contrasting approaches and examining not only their advantages but their commonalities as well.


The first feature takes a look at the two genres of craft and technology and introduces six individualistic creators from each genre. Through their unique works and interviews, the section aims to convey the creativity, imagination, expression and other personal traits of each creator, as well as the possibilities, values, energy and appeal of both genres. The second feature introduces selected works by Japanese creators who received major international design awards this year.


We asked Dominique Falla from the craft side and Kyle McDonald from the technology side to design the front and back covers respectively, which resulted in a distinctive cover symbolic of the two genres.



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