+81 Magazine

Vol.71 On Photography issue


In this issue we interview with professionals involved with photography such as gallery owner, curator, event director, publisher, and agency. We hope to explore photography from not only a visual standpoint, but also present a multifaceted consideration of it as an artform.


The issue kicks off with interviews with Charlotte Cotton, who has been at the forefront of the appraisal of contemporary art photography for several decades and Takayuki Ishii, who is an owner of Taka Ishii Gallery and has not only worked to improve the international visibility of Japanese photographers and painters, but has also continued to introduce contemporary art from the West to Japan through exhibitions of world-class artists. For this feature they spoke to us about various topics including the artistic value of photography and the future of the medium. We also introduce KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival held in Kyoto in a mixture of spaces that include historic structures with artistic flair as well as more modern pieces of architecture and Paris Photo that attracts galleries, photographers, and publishers from around the world, making it an international photography fair representing the “now” of photography. We conducted interviews KYOTOGRAPHIE and Paris Photo directors about a comparison of each spatial structure and its coherent ideals. It is followed up by a selection of 6 groups involved in various media and projects involving photography such as magazine or book publishers, organizers of exhibitions, events, and workshops, art photography dealers, photographer management agencies. In the third section, we introduce 17 of the most important schools/ departments, and museums /galleries found in NY, London, and Tokyo.



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