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Vol.77 Behind the Filmmaking issue


Here at +81, we have done the issues that related the motion pictures several times in the past, but this marks our first time addressing all realms of creativity linked to films. Movies have become a massive entertainment industry over the course of the 120 years since the birth of the art form, and now perhaps contain the greatest level of innovation found in any creative field. Once the initial idea has been conceived and the scenario is written, the cast is selected, the production, costume, sets, and locations are decided upon, and filming is completed, the music and effects are applied, with each and every frame edited and connected to complete a single massive work of moving imagery that we call a movie. This monumental and multilayered task is not performed by the director alone, but is rather the collective effort of an unimaginably large number of creators.


This issue we have chosen eight celebrated directors and introduce some of their work, while also taking a closer look at 28 creators across 10 fields like art direction, graphic design, title design, still photography, and costume design for all the other things that constitute a movie production. Within you will find sketches, illustrations, graphics, photos, and other rare visuals not normally available to the public alongside other must-read content like interview packed with anecdotes about the directors and their productions. Join us as we delve into the teams of talented specialists that come together to provide all the creative elements that make up a movie.


David Fincher

Kyle Cooper

Merrick Morton

Martin Bergquist


Jim Jarmusch

Masayoshi Sukita

Randall Balsmeyer

Bina Daigeler


Danny Boyle

Stylorouge / Rob O'Connor

Tomato / Simon Taylor


Tim Burton

Gavin Bocquet

Alex McDowell

Michael Kutsche

Jorgen Klubien


Gus Van Sant

Scott Patrick Green

Chel White

Dan Schaefer

Halsted Craig Hannah

Marychris Mass


Spike Jonze

Casey Storm

K.K. Barrett

Geoff McFetridge

Matt Nettheim


Wes Anderson

Annie Atkins

Mark Pollard

Jessica Hische

James Hamilton


Xavier Dolan

André Turpin

Midnight Marauder

Shayne Laverdière



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