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Vol.78 U-30 Creators The Millennial-Generation issue


Remarkable advances in digital technology have made creative se lf-expression a much closer part of everyone’ s life, while sharing information and communicating via SNS are now pretty much a given. In this issue, we introduc e 44 talented, up-and-coming creators we think likely to lead the coming er a that 30 or under and thus members of the so-called “millennial generation” that grew up alongside all of this. This installment of +81touches upon the unique sen se and aesthetics of the new wave of artistic minds and in doing so take a look a t the future of the creative scene.


The entire issue i s dedicated to presenting these creators of all genres like art, design, fashion, photography, film, and digital selected from a round the world with that perspective you will only find at +81. Kicking things off is a feature focusing on five creators with find particularly worthy of atte ntion. With greater volume than other creators, we hope that you will enjoy perusin g their innovative and fresh creations, along with the individualistic answers the y provided to our original questions. Our second feature lists t he remaining 39 artists, including not only their representative works, but also some shared questions exploring the vision for the future and points of interest. So, this isn ’ t so much a simple introduction o f y oung talents as a look at the differences in their philosophies and ideas that will give a sense of what is in store for the cr eative scene.


Creators’ Interview

Bibi Borthwick

Claudia Li

Julian Klincewicz

Grace Ahlbom

Wanbing Huang


Creators’ File 39



Olivia Bee

Juliet Casella

Vicky Grout

Daniel DuGoff

Kisshomaru Shimamura

Pablo Delcan

Lucy Hardcastle

Leta Sobierajski

Ricardo González

Ting-an Ho

Kelvan Deann DM


Stella Shih

Jay Guan-Jie Peng

Natsumi Ito

Bunny Rogers


Misha Kahn

Chloe Wise

Angus Chiang

Tuna Dunn


Magdalene Wong

Chang Pu-Hui

Hirofumi Abe

Shao Nian

Haruma Yanagisawa

Monica Mogi

Hanna Moon


Tammy Volpe

Jamie Wolfond

Futa Kera

Baku Hashimoto

Takumi Yoshida

Takuma Miyawaki

Callum Hasegawav




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