+81 Magazine

Vol.64 West Coast Culture issue


In our first U.S. West Coast issue in seven years, we extended our coverage from L.A. and S.F. to add the increasingly popular Portland and Seattle, and carried out interviews with creators and key figures in each area. We also feature the communities, shops, magazine, bookstores and gallery that form the unique culture and lifestyle of the West Coast, aiming to introduce the creativity of the area from various angles.


Almost all of the photographs used throughout the pages, such as shots of the scenery, the streets, the creators and his/her studios and stores, were taken exclusively for this issue, inviting readers to experience the atmosphere of the West Coast. In addition, the two-part structure of the issue, with the Southwest Coast such as L.A. and S.F in the first half, and the Northwest Coast centering on Portland and Seattle in the second half, enables readers to enjoy the different character of the two areas. The list of featured creators also stand out against the usual +81 line-up, with graffiti artists, street artists, illustrators and others who are strongly representative of the West Coast.


The cover features artwork with original characters by Steven Harrington, who is popular for creating work with a distinct West Coast feel.



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